Thursday, February 27, 2014

Text Structure

We have been digging deep into informational text.
Our main focus has been text structure.
We ask ourselves- How does the author organize his/her writing?

We found many ways to help us identify the structure. There are 5 common text structures, but learned there are other ones, for example, question and answer. One way is to think about the author's purpose.
What does the author want me as the reader to understand?

  • Is the author describing in detail a topic? Descriptive.
  • Is the author showing an event in order? Chronological order.
  • Is the author comparing 2 objects? Does the author want me to see how 2 things are similar or different? Compare and contrast.
  • Is the author showing how something caused something else to happen? Cause and effect.
  • Is the author showing a problem and how it was solved? Problem and solution.

We can think about what the author is doing to help us determine the text structure. Identifying text structure helps us comprehend the text. It also helps us pull out the most important information.

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