Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Commentaries and Digital Publishing

We have been studying commentaries during our Writer's Workshop time. We immersed ourselves in quality, published commentaries and noticed what these authors did in their writing. We then chose a topic that we were passionate about and tried out some of our noticings in our own writing!

Here are some digital recordings of our commentaries! We used Vocaroo to record our commentaries! If you come check out our writing in the hallway you will see a QR code attached to our writing! All the reader has to do is scan the code and they can follow as we read it aloud to them!

Check back often as we add more!

I can statements for commentary unit.
    I can determine my opinion or point of view on a topic or text.  
I can create an organizational structure in which related ideas are grouped to introduce my topic and opinion.  I can support my opinion with facts and details.
I can link my opinions and reasons with words and phrases.
I can write an opinion piece with an introduction, supporting reasons, facts and details, and a concluding statement/section.


  I can use prewriting strategies to formulate ideas (e.g., graphic organizers, brainstorming, lists).
 I can recognize that a well-developed piece of writing requires more than one draft.
I can apply revision strategies (e.g., reading aloud, checking for misunderstandings, adding and deleting details) with the help of others.
I can edit my writing by checking for errors in capitalization, punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc.
I can prepare multiple drafts using revisions and edits to develop and strengthen my writing.

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