Friday, February 24, 2012

Persuasive Writng: like eating an OREO!

We just wrapped up our writer's workshop unit on personal narrative and are now onto persuasive writing. We have become such skilled writers that we decided we needed to take our skills to the public!
We began by looking at other author's persuasive pieces and looking around to see where persuasive writing is used in our everyday life...and we realized it's EVERYWHERE!
To help us create meaningful pieces of persuasive writing, we began by creating our own UNFAIR lists. (Even Mrs. Kemp had her own list!)
Once we created a list of ideas, we looked at a model that would help us organize our writing and thoughts. This is where Oreos came in.
We learned that Oreo is an ancroym for Opinion, Reason, Examples/explanation, and Opinion.
This model really helped us create more effective, persuasive, pieces of writing.
What kind of teacher would make us study this Oreo model and not allow us to snack on the real thing? A mean one! And what kind of teacher would allow you to snack on Oreos and not allow you drink milk? A really mean one!
Thank goodness Mrs. Kemp is not mean or really mean!
While we used the Oreo model to help us write, she handed out Oreos and the cutest little container of milk.

What would  be on your Unfair list?

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