Friday, December 2, 2011

So, what's important?

Our focus in reading right now is determining importance and identifying the main idea of what we read. To demonstrate this skill we took a look into my purse! We all know that a woman's purse can be an endless pit of randomness! As we looked through my purse, we categorized each item as, What Mrs. Kemp MUST keep in her purse, What Mrs. Kemp MIGHT need in her purse and What Mrs. Kemp doesn't need in her purse. It was surprising to see all the things I did not need in a thumb tack! You can tell I'm teacher huh!
From this activity, we learned that authors give us a lot of information. Some of that information is essential, while some is not essential at all. This will help us in determining the main idea, which is the most important thing about the story!

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